Build a nest box for kestrels

The American Kestrel (sometimes called a "Sparrowhawk") is a small, colorful falcon, roughly the size of a pigeon. It is North America's most common raptor – in fact, kestrels are found everywhere from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego! They can often be spotted perched or even hovering over fields, hunting for small prey like mice and insects.

Why put up a nestbox?

In recent years, researchers have become alarmed by kestrel population declines across North America. Since nesting habitat is important for this species' success, The Peregrine Fund is encouraging anyone with enough open space to put up a human-made nestbox. The birds love them, and they offer a front-row seat for watching raptors raise a family.

Meet a kestrel up close

Come visit us and you might get a chance to meet our kestrel up close during a live bird presentation!