Darcy Ogada Ph.D.

Assistant Director of Africa Programs


My interest in raptors began as a bald eagle nest watcher for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation under the mentorship of Pete Nye.  I moved to Kenya in 2000 to undertake research for my Master’s degree, after which I stayed on and studied Mackinder’s Eagle Owls for my PhD research.  I am still involved studying eagle owls with Paul Muriithi.  Most of my current research and conservation interest involves vultures; specifically, their declines and the ecological consequences of their declines.  I am particularly interested in studying ecosystem services provided by vultures in relation to disease transmission.  The conservation work I am most passionate about involves finding solutions to the widespread use of highly toxic pesticides to kill wildlife.  Most of this work is done in collaboration with Martin Odino.  I am co-Editor of Scopus, East Africa’s peer-reviewed ornithological journal and I currently chair the Raptor Working Group of Nature Kenya.  I am also a member of the IUCN Vulture Specialist Group.

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