American Kestrel Partnership

Project goals

  • Support and coordinate international network of locally managed nest box programs to generate spatially and temporally extensive demographic and toxicological data, models, and publications.
  • Maintain dynamic and interactive website for networking and managing and illustrating data.
  • Conduct demographic studies to identify most likely drivers of population declines and identify areas for future research.

To learn more or become a partner, visit the American Kestrel Partnership website.

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In response to long-term population declines of kestrels in North America, The Peregrine Fund's American Kestrel Partnership is unifying the data-generating capacity of citizen scientists with the research expertise of professional scientists to advance conservation of the American Kestrel.

The American Kestrel Partnership consists of more than 600 partners. We are recording data from more than 1,400 kestrel nests, from Alaska to Argentina.