Andean Condor conservation in Ecuador

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Status: Active, started in 2008



To save the Andean Condor from possible extinction in Ecuador.


With less than 100 birds in the wild, the Andean Condor population in Ecuador is listed locally as Critically Endangered. This population is likely declining due to persecution, lack of food and poisoning. In 2008, The Peregrine Fund started supporting conservation and research within the long-term framework of the National Strategy for the Conservation of the Andean Condor in Ecuador. This strategy includes research, monitoring, captive breeding, environmental education, and community participation programs. Since 2010, The Peregrine Fund, as a member of the Andean Condor Working Group, has been providing scientific advice to the Ministry of Environment of Ecuador on condor conservation, and since mid 2011 conducting collaborative research on movements and habitat use of Andean Condors.

Recent Results:


  • Initiated study on movements and habitat use of Andean Condors in northern Ecuador in collaboration with Fundacion Condor and the Andean Condor Working Group.
  • Developed protocols for capturing and marking Andean Condors in Ecuador.


  • Surveyed condors in the Andes of Northern Ecuador and identified patterns of abundance and distribution.
  • Completed study on population structure and abundance of condors in northern Ecuador and one Ecuadorian BSc student graduated.
  • Tested two census methods to estimate the population size and structure of the Andean Condor in northern Ecuador: 1) a photographic and 2) a simultaneous observational method.


  • Recruited Ecuadorian BSc student to study population structure and abundance of Andean Condors in Northern Ecuador.


  • Tested photographic method to survey Andean Condor and had moderate success.
  • Trained two Ecuadorian students in condor survey methods.
  • Compiled historical records where condors roost, forage and nest in Ecuador.

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Location Note:

Andean mountains of Ecuador

Species involved

People involved in this project:

Rick Watson Ph.D. Vice President and Director of International Programs
Hernán Vargas Ph.D. Program director – Neotropical Science and Student Education

Cooperating Partners:

  • Fundación Cóndor -Parque Cóndor
  • Fundación Galo Plaza Lasso – Comuna and Hacienda Zuleta
  • Grupo Nacional de Trabajo sobre el Cóndor Andino en Ecuador
  • Ministerio del Ambiente de Ecuador
  • The Butler Foundation
  • Zoo Boise Conservation Fund