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California Condor Viewing Tips

  • Best places to watch California Condors:

    The links below provide specific location information.

    Location Google Maps Google Earth
    •  South Rim of the Grand Canyon Map .kml
    •  Navajo Bridge Map .kml
    •  Vermilion Cliffs National Monument Map .kml
    •  Zion National Park Map .kml
  • Best time of year: Springtime in the Grand Canyon, especially the month of May.
  • Bring binoculars. Condors are large and easy to spot but binoculars will help you see their features while keeping your distance.
  • Do not approach or feed condors, but do take photos and share your experience on Facebook. Help us keep condors wild and wary of people for their own protection.
  • From a distance, California Condors and Turkey Vultures look similar. Both are black with red or pink heads but the pattern on the underside of their wings is different.

Condor video

Watch as 352 leaves the kennel, takes in her surroundings, gives a quick rouse, and takes flight when biologist Aaron Wuori releases her after treatment for elevated lead. 453 gets released as well after treatment. E. Feltes video.

Biologist Shaun Putz releases 12-yr-old condor 203 after a quick transmitter change. E. Feltes video.

Condors feeding in the Trap -----not for the squeamish

Soar with a condor in 40+ mph winds, and witness a territorial mid-air strike delivered from another adult male bird in this 46 second video clip. E. Feltes video.

A close encounter with an adult condor soaring in extreme winds (you may want to mute the volume on this one because of the wind distortion). E. Feltes video.

This video was taken by biologist Eddie Feltes as Andria Kroner, also a biologist for The Peregrine Fund, released condor 293 after a successful health check-up and transmitter replacement.

Condor news

Read more condor news at The Peregrine Fund's California Condor project page.

Condors were gone from the Grand Canyon for more than 70 years. Now they're back and they need your help!

Please donate today to help keep condors in the canyon.

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