Chris Parish

Director of Global Conservation


Chris N. Parish was raised in a small farming/ranching and oil town in south-central California near the historical range of the remnant California condor population in the southern San Joaquin Valley. After a brief yet impactful introduction to the wildlife of the desert foothills mostly through hunting and fishing, he moved on to further his education at Northern Arizona University on an athletic scholarship, obtaining a B.S. in Biology with emphasis on Fish and Wildlife Management. Through time, education and reflection of the vast gap between the people of the land and conservation-oriented groups i.e. academics, scientists etc., it became obvious that he would strive to bridge the gap between the people of the lands and the scientific/management communities. After working on the Black Footed Ferret Reintroduction Program for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, he transferred to the Flagstaff Regional Office as Condor Project Coordinator in 1997. Since fall 2000, he has been directing the condor project’s field effort for The Peregrine Fund, continuing his passion for effectively conveying products of scientific inquiry to target audiences in an effort to recover a species. In 2012, Chris returned to Northern Arizona University in pursuit of a PhD. in the Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability Program.

Chris and his wife Ellen, have two beautiful teenage daughters, Emma and Anna. They can sometimes be found together exploring the wilds of the four corners region while tracking condors, hunting, fishing or hiking.

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