A group of The Peregrine Fund's staff sit for a photograph
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President and CEO
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The Peregrine Fund has a 50-year proven track record of science-driven species recovery, starting as the primary driver in one of the most significant species recovery programs of the 20th Century with the recovery of the Peregrine Falcon from the brink of extinction in North America. From those beginnings, The Peregrine Fund has continued its commitment to on-the-ground conservation results based on data-driven science. The CEO will lead the organization into the first decade of the next 50 years with an unparalleled opportunity to enhance global bird conservation.


The Chief Executive Officer of The Peregrine Fund is responsible for driving innovation and management of programs, fundraising, and building/preserving its passionate culture for raptor conservation. In this capacity, the CEO will represent The Peregrine Fund to political leaders, funders, partners, constituents, and the global conservation network.

Position Priorities (to be addressed during the first six months)

  • Learn the culture of the organization, including current and future programs and projects.

  • Working with the Board, implement the blueprint for success, including identifying and securing funding sources.

  • Understand the day-to-day operations of the organization.


Download the full President and CEO job description here.


We welcome submission of nominations and/or curriculum vitae for the opportunity outlined in below CEO Position Specification to the search consultant:

Jannah Hodges, President, Hodges Partners