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Wall of Remembrance

The Archives of Falconry established the Wall of Remembrance to honor those no longer with us. It serves as a permanent location where friends, fellow falconers, and family may honor the memory of a departed falconer among others who shared a passion for hawking.

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The monument is of simple design. The centerpiece is a bronze sculpture created by falconer Ross Matteson depicting a Peregrine falcon lifting off to the heavens. On an adjacent wall, individual 4x9-inch cast bronze plaques bear the name of each falconer honored and dates of birth and death.

Book of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance is displayed in The Archives of Falconry to present personal memorabilia relating to the honored falconer. Two side-by-side 16x20-inch pages are provided for each honoree on which personal photographs, biography, obituary, photos of hawks flown, and personal reminiscences are placed. The book includes the names of the clubs and individuals making the remembrance possible. Most Book of Remembrance pages are available to view online—click on the falconer's name in the list below.

To be included in the Wall of Remembrance and Book of Remembrance, the proposed honoree must:
  • Have been an active falconer for at least five years, or a member in good standing of a local or national falconry club for five years
  • Be recommended in writing by three falconers who knew him or her personally or by a local or national club
  • Not have worked intentionally to discredit the sport of falconry

All contributions in support of the Wall are welcome. We request at least $1,000 per honoree. All contributions are placed in The Archives endowment fund. The Archives operating expenses, including costs of the plaques, Book of Remembrance, landscaping and future care, come from the endowment fund's interest.

Donate to remember a falconer.

Falconers' Wall of Remembrance

Click on a name to see the Book of Remembrance page for that falconer