A large group photo of The Peregrine Fund's Board of Directors bird watching at Long Beach, Washington
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Directors and Officers
The Peregrine Fund is governed by a multi-national Board of exceptional women and men


Carter R. Montgomery
Avalon Exploration & Production, LLC (Executive Chairman)

Scott A. Crozier
General Counsel Concierge

Chris Parish
President and CEO

Tim Wilcomb
Jordan-Wilcomb Construction, Inc.

Samuel Gary, Jr.
President, Samuel Gary, Jr. & Associates, Inc.

Lee M. Bass
Chairman Emeritus
President, Lee M. Bass, Inc.


Robert B. Berry
Trustee, Wolf Creek Charitable Foundation, Rancher,
Falcon Breeder, and Conservationist

Harry L. Bettis

L. Michael Bogert
General Counsel
Perpetua Resources Corp.

Robert S. Comstock
Fashion Designer
Robert Comstock Company

Ralph H. Duggins
Partner, Cantey Hanger, LLP
Chairman, Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission

Caroline A. Forgason
Groves-Alexander Group LLC

Karen J. Hixon

Grainger Hunt
Senior Scientist Emeritus (RET)
The Peregrine Fund

Jay L. Johnson
JLJ Consulting
Admiral, U.S. Navy (RET)

Dirk A. Kempthorne
Former Governor (Idaho)
Former Secretary of the Interior 

Therese M. Lawless
Attorney, Lawless & Lawless 

Steve Lawrence

Carolynn D. Loacker
Vineyard Owner and Philanthropist

Helen MacDonald
Writer, Naturalist and Affiliated Research Scholar, University
of Cambridge Department of History and Philosophy of Science

Ambrose K. Monell
President & Trustee
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
The G. Unger Vetlesen Foundation

S. Reed Morian
Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission, Chairman
DX Service Company, Inc., Chairman/CEO

Calen B. Offield
Director, Offield Family Foundation

Lucia Liu Severinghaus, Ph.D.
Biodiversity Research Center (RET)
Academia Sinica, Taiwan

R. Beauregard Turner
Fish & Wildlife Manager, Director of Natural Resources
Turner Enterprises, Inc.

Jalsa Urubshurow
Founder & CEO
Nomadic Expeditions

James D. Weaver
President, Grasslans Charitable Foundation
and Rancher

William Werlin
Outdoor Sports Industry Executive (RET)
Conservationist & Philanthropist


Ian Newton, D.Phil., D.Sc., FRS.
Director Emeritus with Distinction
Senior Ornithologist (RET)
Natural Environment Research Council, United Kingdom