Kerri Pierce | Honeoye Falls, NY

Howdy! I’m Kerri, a writer and translator who has been working on and off as a volunteer in raptor education for the past couple of decades. I grew up in the Texas Panhandle, where seeing a bald eagle or a peregrine falcon in the winter is, believe it or not, not that unusual—all thanks to the efforts of the Peregrine Fund and other dedicated conservationists. The Peregrine Fund is eternally dear to my heart. I visited the World Center for Birds of Prey on my honeymoon and saw a merlin there for the very first time—and now I am privileged enough to work with one! (Talk about a feisty little falcon.) And if the California condor and other vulnerable species can be brought back from the brink of extinction, I can run my very first marathon! I am so thrilled at this opportunity. Please help me meet and surpass my fundraising goal, and support the Peregrine Fund for all the good things they do.

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